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Associate Engineer

General Summary:

Associate Engineers are typically entry level with less than one year of experience. This person is a good communicator and a person who can manage well when the client is in a pickle and really needs strong guidance. This person should be prompt and/or know the importance of communicating ETA’s to clients. Most importantly, this person should be eager to learn while following prescribed procedures.

Position Responsibilities:


  • Answer Help Desk phones
  • Provide Level 1 phone support
  • Check Backup Logs daily and update the tickets or reports
  • Check Anti-virus twice weekly
  • Create Antivirus True Up report
  • Create Backup True Up report
  • Create RMM True Up report
  • Create Firewall Management True Up report
  • Alerting
    • Watch the consoles for new alerts
    • Escalate as required
    • Portal/RSM management
  • Patching
    • Complete the overnight patching schedule defined by MSS
    • Track to make sure patched machines come back online
    • Create Patch True Report


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:


  • Experience required with Windows desktop operating systems
  • Understanding of TCP/IP and troubleshooting Internet connectivity
  • Experience with Terminal Services
  • Understanding of relationship between switches, hubs, patch panels and connecting nodes to a network
  • Working Knowledge of Wireless Technologies


Credentials and Experience:


  • New hire with no certifications
  • Eager to learn
  • Takes direction from Engineers/Technicians




  • At least one to two years’ work experience
  • Obtains at least one certification
  • Shows ability to independently work off site


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